Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A thousand translators who use at least once in life

Calling one translator is like saying one is a doctor. Yes, doctor, but from what? We all know that physicians should specialize, for a long time, to be able to perform its job reliably. The same applies to the translators, they must specialize in a specific field if they want to make their translations of the highest quality.
For the translation of a general text, you can go to any qualified translator who knows the language of departure and arrival and trained in the skills required for the translation. That is enough, but if what you need is to translate a specialized text, with a considerable terminological density, as it can be a text on Pharmacology or instructions for an industrial container 3D design, in that case you will have to use a good translator, but a translator with specific experience in the translation of such documents.

Translate learn translating, and certain specific issues can only be resolved when we have already encountered previously with the same problem in other text, and if you have been on more than one occasion, much better. Abbreviations, terminology and specific structure of specialized texts differ according to each theme and language, and we could be wrong if refer a translation of a text from molecular biology to a translator specialized in contracts commercial, and vice versa.
If the translation is to be reliable at 100%, we must turn to a specialist on that specific topic. If the customer wants to save time and give the nail on the head, a translation agency may make available immediately a group of translators specialized in different areas and with competence in several languages. In this way, we have at our disposal a wide variety of resources with just one call.
As said once a client, the solution is not to find help but for having the phone who can help you. And of course, if the customer has any questions, ask your trusted translation agency minimum requirements to its translators, and thus it may leave doubts about the reliability of the same. If the company is serious, reliable and responsible, they will be happy to give them all kinds of explanations about the effort and work carried out to be able to offer translations of the highest quality.